I have never written a review for anything, but after my experience at SAREK I had to share my experience. I have been driving around in my 2008 Range Rover SSC with a squeaky and rattling front end for 6 years. I have had 2 Land Rover dealers tell me that amount of noise was considered normal and could not be corrected. I went to SAREK for a alignment and brake flush and after a short test drive the mechanic said that he would look into the front suspension and that those noises and squeaks were not normal. I said go ahead look into it but don't go crazy. Honestly i was sceptical They called later on that day and said that my front end sway are bushings were shot and replacing them was the solution. The job was done and when i picked up the car I was completely amazed to find out that the front end noises were completely gone. One of the guys gave me a complete tour of the shop and facility which I had asked for and then I was on my way. I can honestly say that these guys know their stuff and are complete, first rate professional shop, and are willing to take the extra step for complete customer satisfaction. I wish i had come to this place a long time ago, it would have saved me a large number of dollars on unnecessary repairs, parts, and a great deal of aggravation.

GLEN ALLEN 1/8/2018

My 2008 BMW 328i had broke down four times in July 2017. I was ready to get rid of it. But Jeff told me he would take care of it and get it back on the road. I had taken it to someone else and they just pushed me away after charging me $1165 which didn't fix the problem. They sent me on my way with my car cutting off on me all the way home. The next day I showed up at SAREK. It was the best thing I ever did. I thank God for Jeff and his team.

GLEN ALLEN 11/15/2017

My Range Rover HSE needed some major work completed, these get did an outstanding job fixing it. going above and beyond what you expect from a shop. With their motto: "Once a customer, always a customer" you can always expect they will look after you! AND THEY DO. Highly recommended.

GLEN ALLEN 10/20/2017

This place does great work, got my BMW 325ci working like it should, thought it was pretty close to dying, great crew, great service.

GLEN ALLEN 2/6/2017

These guys are really great. Solid, honest work! If you are looking for accurate diagnostics, and trying to have your car fixed properly, these guys are a good fit for you. Strongly recommend!


Our BMW broke down while my wife was working 1 1/2 hours from home. They helped get her a tow truck and a rental car while they serviced the car. The price was better than the BMW dealer with the same, if not better, customer service. They will be servicing my car from now on.


Working with Sarek has been a great experience. They were extremely helpful, honest, and flexible. They advised me on everything I needed in order to achieve my ambitious objectives with my M3 and executed flawlessly. They did a GREAT job on my car. I cannot praise them enough. I was due to PCS out of state in a few weeks and wanted to build the suspension of my E46 M3 so that I could hit the track as soon as I got the car in Seattle. They took the time to advise me on the best parts and other things to consider so that I wouldn't be spending even more in the future. They got everything done on the car in time and even worked with the shipping company to ship the car out to me on the west coast. With such a tight timeline, they really helped me out by being so flexible and working with me as much as possible. I highly recommend them to anyone who understands the importance of a high quality auto shop. There are cheaper shops out there, but you will not find a more competent, friendly, and professional group of guys.

GLEN ALLEN 9/24/2016

Great guys, honest work. They know what they're doing, helped me out with a botched Bmw while I was pregnant, and after my son was born.

GLEN ALLEN 9/13/2016

I drive 2 hours each way to have this team work on my BMW's. They do a detailed check of your car's condition and recommend any needed service in order of importance. The difference in performance after a Sarek maintenance is amazing. They love talking cars and really want yours to be running it's best. I highly recommend Sarek.

GLEN ALLEN 8/5/2016

Great shop‼️ I don't trust my 2007 525i with anyone except this shop.