Land Rover Reliability - Series Reliability Package

Land Rover #1 | Sarek Autowerke

Do you love your Land Rover Series but grow tired of carburetor adjustments, changing points, finicky gauges, and dealing with a fifty year old wiring harness? To address these concerns we have developed what we call the "Land Rover Reliability Package" for Series.

To showcase this package we are introducing our 1966 Land Rover Series 2a. This Land Rover Series 2a started its life as a Ministry of Defense ambulance. Overall, it was in excellent shape (however not running) when we brought it home. At first, we were not sure what we wanted to do with it, coil-sprung? Big V-8? Drift truck?? While all those would be fun, we ultimately decided to "keep it a series" while bringing it into the 21st century by adding the Sarek Autowerke Land Rover reliability package.


Land Rover #2 | Sarek Autowerke

What do we mean "keep it a series"? We would be keeping the original 2.25L four-cylinder engine, original transmission, axles, and keep it leaf sprung.

Now to bring all that into modern times. Sarek Autowerke developed our "Land Rover Reliability Package" for Series. The Land Rover reliability package includes a fuel injection system, a distributorless electronic ignition, a complete weatherproof wiring harness with modern fuses, a digital dash with GPS speedometer, and more. We also added parabolic leaf springs to increase comfort (as comfortable as a leaf-sprung Series can be!).


Land Rover #3 | Sarek Autowerke

As soon as we finished the build, we wanted to put the Land Rover Reliability package "reliability" part to the test. So we set off on the 250 mile trip to the 2019 Land Rover Mid Atlantic Rally. The Series performed flawlessly on the 500-mile round trip, on-road, and during the three days of trail rides.


Land Rover #4 | Sarek Autowerke

The Sarek Autowerke Land Rover Reliability package is available for any Series Land Rover. If you are interested in more details of the build or are interested in the reliability package for your Series, give us a shout.


Land Rover #5 | Sarek Autowerke